Task-based authentic learning activities in computer assisted foreign language learning


The aim of this research is to enhance the practice of teaching and learning processes through the development of computer assisted task-based authentic learning activities and provide students with real-life situations where they will need and want to use the target language for a real purpose.

The study will target pre-university level English as a foreign language (EFL) learners and focus on developing both language and academic skills. In this activity, the class becomes the editorial board of the school newsletter – the English Preparatory School (EPS) Newsletter, and thus students engage in roles of journalists and editors of this newsletter. Students work in pairs to collect and collate information and write their report, either on a given topic (as perhaps a journalist on a newspaper might be assigned a story for the day) or one of their own choosing. In order to complete this task, students will need to collect information from a variety of resources using a variety of data collection methods, such as surveys, interviews and literature review. They will then analyse this data and report it to real audience. While playing these roles, learners will have the opportunity to investigate the task and subtasks from different perspectives such as focusing on readers’ expectations, developing authorship skills, cognitive and metacognitive skills, content and form. It is worthwhile to mention that anything that necessitates the use of language will be done in the target language. Therefore, students’ online and/or face-to-face communication will be done in English. Moreover, students will be using the target language in the final product (the report) authentically as they are going to use a relevant genre, argumentative, persuasive or informative, in order to communicate their findings in their report.

The outcome of the research will be practically significant for language teachers wanting to develop task-based authentic, engaging, contextualised, meaningful and collaborative blended learning due to the fact that it will provide a research based pedagogy-driven design model which is highly desired by language teachers.


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