Stuart Duvall

A community of practice approach to promote the
co-construction of collective teacher efficacy to implement ICT


The aims of this research are to use the design-based research approach to investigate and promote teachers’ collective efficacy to use information and communication technology.

The research seeks to explore the ways a professional development framework, based on the principles of communities of practice, can support the co-construction of collective efficacy beliefs and transform individual teaching practices in the implementation of information and communication technology.

The design-based research approach and case study method will guide this research. The case study method will consist of a single case study with embedded multiple units of analysis.  The unit of analysis will be the co-construction of collective teacher efficacy to implement ICT.  The multiple units of analysis will comprise of the teachers’ experiences from the research site. 

The research will provide practical guidelines on how to increase teachers’ collective efficacy beliefs as they participate in communities of practice for the purpose of increasing ICT implementation. It will seek to better understand the influence of school context on communities of practice.


Herrington, J., Parker, J. & Duvall, S. (2012). Design-based research: Research that makes a difference in education. Presentation for the Western Australian Institute for Educational Research 2012, 19 September 2012, Murdoch University.