Vickel Narayan

Mobile learning and learner-generated context


Mobile learning (mlearning) over the last five years has gained substantial traction in education. The rapid advancements in mobile technologies are continually pushing the boundary of what is perceived possible and how it could be effectively used in education.

From the leading researchers in mlearning around the world and from my own work, one major disruption that is caused by mlearning is its ability to blur the boundary between formal and informal learning or the bridging of different learning contexts. The ubiquitous nature of mobile device enables a learner the affordance to interact with multiple contexts to support his/her learning. These contexts are determined and defined by the learner (as an individual or as a group) and are predicated on their learning needs.

As such, mlearning has the ability to allow learners to create and negotiate the perimeters for the context they choose to  work/learn in – Learner-generated context (Heutagogy). This aspect of mLearning and learner-generated context forms the base for my research.


Narayan, V. (2013).